Understanding the Driveshaft Layouts

The layout of the drive refers to the layout of transmission, engine, and driven axles. The various types of layouts for the drive include Front engine Front Wheel Drive (FFor FWD), Front engine Rear wheel drive (FR/RWD), and Mid-engine rear-wheel drive (MR). Each layout has distinct advantages, and performance. You can contact https://pstds.com/drag-shafts for the racing driveshaft.

car drive shaft

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Front Engine Front Wheel drive (FF/FWD): The engine and the two drive axles are located in front of the vehicle and the power generated by the engine is transferred directly onto the wheels in front. This arrangement expands the interior space particularly in smaller vehicles because there's no central tunnel required for the driveshaft.

Front engine rear-wheel drive (FR RWD): It is the inverse of the FF layouts, in which the engine is located on the front side, while the two axles that drive it are located behind, linked by the driveshaft. With this layout, installing larger engines like V8, V10 or V12 is not an issue.

Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive (MR): This is the drive layout that consumes much of the interior space in the car including the seating space, the engine is located on the center of the frame while the drive axles are situated behind. Even though it's heavier in the rear, attempting to enter the corner becomes harder because the front tires are less able to provide traction which can cause understeer.