A Basic Guide To Commercial Grow Operation Set – up

Registering and obtaining a license to do business in another state is required in order to be able to do business there. A multi-state cannabis business naturally has a more complicated corporate structure.

Separate entities can offer better protection and risk mitigation. The group's members are not affected if one of the businesses issued or has a product recall. Many cannabis companies opt for automate your marijuana greenhouse or indoor cannabis facility  under a holding or umbrella company that either manages the licensed entities or acts as an investment vehicle.

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An efficient business structure can make it possible to create efficiencies among your companies. An experienced CPA who has worked in the cannabis industry will be able to optimize the flow of money, cannabis transfer, salaries, and cost of goods between the companies. A lawyer who is familiar with corporate structure should be consulted.

Make sure you take the time to structure your business correctly right from the beginning. It is more trouble than you think to change a complicated business structure after the fact.


For medical marijuana producers, the greatest challenge for cannabis growers is to produce a consistent product. Every time they take medicine, patients need to know what the outcome will be. In fact, there have been no identical 'doses' in cannabis history.

The industry has also seen an increase in consumers due to the increased sales of recreational cannabis. To retain their business, it is important to ensure that the experience they have with cannabis products is positive, repeatable, and measurable.

Cannabis cultivation businesses must be able to predict yields and keep production costs low to ensure customer satisfaction. They also need to keep their team motivated to succeed.