What is the Machinery & Equipment Used in Earthmoving?

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There are many different types of machinery, equipment, and attachments used in the earthmoving and construction work. Earthmoving cannot be done without these machinery and equipment, and drivers and operators cannot use them without proper training, license, and certificate. If you are looking to get into this industry or may require earthmoving services, you should know about the machinery and equipment. Here’s information on them.


Bobcat – This is a machine that has many applications. From brush cleaning surfaces to handling heavy materials, the Bobcat Skid Steer is a part of different earthmoving activities. 

Bulldozers – Leveling, digging, excavating, and transporting, the bulldozer is one of the most versatile machines used in earthmoving. Wherever high caliber of work is required, earthmovers enlist bulldozers. 

Grader – In earthmoving and construction, ground leveling is required. For this, a grader is used. The attachment to the machine flattens the surface. This is mainly to flatten the first roads and gravel roads. 

Equipment & Attachments

Rockbreakers – This is an attachment that is used in earthmoving, demolition, excavation, and mining. It is used for breaking large rocks into small rocks so they become easy to remove and transport. 

Rock Grabs – The function of the rock grab is clear from the name. This attachment helps the machine grab the rock and move it to another location or load it in a truck. 

Post Hole Borers – Mainly used in yard and fencing work, post hole borers help make holes for posts and poles to be erected in. 

Other machinery, equipment, and attachments used are 3.0t to 32t excavators, backhoes, graders, water carts, tippers, low loaders, skid steers, tilt buckets, augers, sweepers, pallet forks, rippers, and screening buckets. To know more about them, you can also contact earthmoving plant hire in Brisbane