Bird of Paradise Flower – Heavenly Beauty

Strelitzia Reginae, also known as the bird of paradise, is one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers. It contains the colors bright blue, green, and pink. Its shape resembles a bird's head and beak. 

The leaves are long and thick and have longer stems. This is a striking plant. You can easily find a bird of paradise plant via .

bird of paradise plant

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You would be wrong to assume that such a beautiful and delicate plant is difficult to grow. Strelitzia can withstand drought conditions quite well due to its fleshy roots. It can withstand light winter frosts and other conditions without any damage. 

It will actually grow well in very poor soil. However, it will still respond well to a good amount of fertilizer.

If you have the strength to remove the root system, the plant will form a strong clump. The plant is happy in the garden as a specimen and in a good garden loam. It can be killed with kindness since it doesn't like water.

People believe that the plant cannot withstand cold or hot weather. However, that all depends on what kind of hot or cold weather is being referred to. The cold temperature the plant can withstand is around -5 Centigrade in temperate climates. 

You might find it best to keep your bird of paradise in shade, but they can tolerate temperatures up to  35 degrees Celsius or more.