How Bhutan Treks Are Special?

Would you wish to trek through the magnificent landscape of Bhutan? If you are a thrill lover then Bhutan is the perfect destination. You can browse various online resources to find an ideal package for trekking holidays in Bhutan.

Adventure lovers can enjoy the snow-capped mountains and the rocky landscape of the nation. This realm is located between two strong countries, China and India. This land of the thunder dragon has managed to keep its century-old customs.

Bhutan trekking holidays

Explore Bhutan through trekking

Among the finest ways to encounter Bhutan is via hiking. Let's talk about the significant routes in Bhutan that are famous for trekking:

Druk Path Trek

This really is a six-day hike. It goes through a gorgeous landscape filled with pine trees, lakes and ridges. You catch a glimpse of walnut and pine trees on the way. You will see the stunning view of Mount Gangkar Puensum, the maximum mountain peak in this nation.

Jholmohari Trek

That is a scenic route in Bhutan. Mount Jholmohari is across the boundary of Bhutan and Tibet. A lot of men and women see this area during the yearly event that's held at the neighboring village to observe the culture. This really is an initiative taken by the regional communities in cooperation with the Bhutan Foundation for its conservation of the endangered snow leopards.

Whichever path you opt to choose, be ready for a special experience.