Edible Magic Mushroom – Utilities and Selection Criterions In Canada

Magic mushrooms are rare and known for their psychological and neurological benefits. In addition, these nutrients are also used as religious goods and are needed as raw materials in pharmaceutical companies. Interestingly, improper consumption of mushrooms is harmful to health. Only an expert can choose good quality edible mushrooms as they require technical attention. You can easily get good quality edible magic mushrooms at https://3amigos.co/shop/magic-mushroom-edibles-online-canada/.

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Here are some of the benefits of edible mushrooms for health:

  • Magic mushrooms are very effective against depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder can be treated by consuming mushrooms regularly
  • Some neurological disorders such as cluster headaches and addictions can be treated with mushrooms
  • What are the most important points to consider when choosing a technically edible magic mushroom?


Colour is one of the most popular criteria for selecting edible mushrooms. Mushrooms with a gray and browned grill are preferred. Interestingly, rooms with purple-brown lattices are rare but very healthy.


The stems are narrow and straight with separate rings. Magic sponges with a grip size of 2 to 3 mm should be preferred.


We advise you to choose mushrooms with a length of 5.5-7 cm with a lid of 2-5.5 cm, which is easy to find and very useful for our health.

If you are looking to purchase a quality mushroom from home, you can easily turn to any company that does this business. These companies offer the highest quality mould spores at minimal prices. Just search on Google, find a price range and place an order.