How To Recognize That You Have Bed Bugs

Insects such as spiders can cause bites, but how will you get to know that you have bed bugs? You have to be sure that you are infested before starting any treatment.

Most people would expect to have pests when they see red bites on their legs or arms. It is common to see three bites in a row. To get rid of such pests, you can hire bed bug services via

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You may think that you will be able to see the threat. However, it is not easy to see them because they hide in the crevices of the wall, under the baseboard and the electrical outlet, deep in the mattress, just to mention a few places.

If you are wondering how to see bed bugs in your bed, you can try to flip the mattress over very quickly. They'll look like an apple seed. If you try this, be sure to have a vacuum ready to scoop them. You will be very surprised to see how fast they can move.

Detection by a professional pest control company:

Try to hire a licensed company that uses licensed sniffer bed bug dogs. Follow all the instructions they will give when preparing for the dog visit.

The dog will find the areas that are infested. This will increase the chances of successful eradication by targeting areas when you start treatment. A good dog handler will examine the bugs using dogs. The examination of this method can be very fast and accurate.