An Overview Of Aura Dining Collection

Barlow Tyrie has designed a beautiful new range of outdoor furniture that will accentuate any backyard or patio. The Aura Dining Collection is made from powder-coated aluminum, which is a very sleek and transitional material. 

Barlow Tyrie Aura dining set high-quality outdoor furniture features stacking chairs, side chairs, and an extendable table that all come in natural colors and materials. Whether you're camping, grilling out with friends, or just relaxing on your patio, Barlow Tyrie's aura dining collection is the perfect addition to your home!

The Aura dining collection is a new dining experience by Barlow Tyrie. The collection features a unique and beautiful way to dine while in transit. Each seat is wrapped in a soft fabric that gently caresses your skin as you eat. You can choose to dine in the air or on a floating platform, depending on your mood and location.

The Aura collection is available in either black or white, and each style comes with its own set of features. The black chairs have a sleek and modern look, while the white chairs have a more classic appearance. Each chair also comes with an attached tablet stand, perfect for keeping your food and drink within reach.

The Aura Dining Collection by Barlow Tyrie is a beautiful and unique way to add beauty and elegance to any space. The collection is made of metal and glass and features a variety of colors and styles that can be mixed and matched to create a look that is uniquely your own.