Call An Expert Before You Start Digging With An Auger

Once the auger is ready and the operator is confident about using it, consideration turns next to job site location and conditions.

Any digging project could grind to a halt quickly if the auger happens to strike an underground utility line. Therefore, always call an underground locating service before digging to identify the whereabouts of buried lines. You can also buy one man earthdrill auger online.

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Even if a job site is free of buried cable and utility lines, there still may be natural obstructions like rocks or tree roots.

Dense varieties of soil like soft shale, hardpan and caliche could also present an obstacle or necessitate additional power to dig the hole. Always know the limitations of the equipment.

Stubbornly attempting to force an earth auger through tough soil classifications is not the way to get the job done. Grass and other overgrowths could also hamper an auger’s digging ability by clogging the auger blade and screw bit, and therefore should be removed to increase efficiency and overall productivity.

Additionally, normal use for a hole digger is on level ground. Other digging terrains can be dangerous and should be avoided. If a hole must be dug on a slope, make sure the power source has adequate footing and stability and use outriggers or other stabilizers when available.