Areola Pigmentation (Tattooing) for Breast Cancer Survivors

What is Areola Re-Pigmentation?

Areola tattooing is a procedure that is performed primarily on breast cancer patients who have undergone reconstructive surgery. You can get the best service of nipple repigmentation in Milwaukee online.

Nipple and Areolar Changes: What Is Normal?

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In the majority of instances, the surgeon will create the nipple before grafting it onto the breast. After the implant has healed completely, a tattoo artist who specializes in areola pigmentation will tattoo a natural color onto it.

A few clients have asked about having their natural areolas darkened because of aging and the loss of color over time. It can be done and is not much different from a traditional tattoo. Areola tattooing can be done on both women and men.

The procedure for Areola Tattooing

A tattoo machine, known also as a coil machine, is the preferred method for applying areola tattooing. Traditional tattoo machines are highly effective at establishing the color of the skin and cause less trauma to the skin.

An analogy could be the surgeon using a precisely sharp and precise scalpel to perform surgery or cutting someone's open using the butter knife. The scalpel was specifically designed to perform the task at hand and can cause less trauma because of the sharpness of the tool.

The tattoo machine was specifically designed for this purpose and is perfect for the process if the artist or technician is familiar with the equipment.

The pigments used in tattooing are typically iron oxide and have a low risk of reactions to allergens.