Finding the Right Industrial Floor Scale

Industrial floor scales are used by many companies to weigh the goods they manufacture or transport. So it's important for their business to find something that gives them the most accurate reading. You can also purchase an analytical weighing balance scale at

Below are two types of scales that are commonly used.


Reliant industrial scales are general purpose scales ideal for weighing pallets overhead. It is built with 4'x4' and 3" profiles. The platform is non-slip thanks to its diamond safety protection. It is made of A36 carbon steel construction and the latest technology, making it durable and capable of providing accurate readings for years to come.

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The FB2200 shows the date and time, has a six-button front panel, and uses a 1-inch backlit LCD screen for easy viewing and reading. The serrated knobs make it easy to tilt and adjust when needed, and the rubber feet and spacer make it easy to clean. It costs around $80.

Ohaus VN Series Industrial Utility Scale

This is a much larger, heavier, and more economical scale that offers the best in durability and accuracy. The VN series is often used in some of the larger production facilities because of the weight it can handle. 

These platforms measure between 4' x 4 to 5' x 5 and can support up to 5,000 pounds. Great for dry weighing, this industrial floor scale features mounting brackets, a built-in battery, and a 16.5" display cable.