The structure and the foundation of a dwelling is the most important aspect of a building constructed. One of the biggest problems with the shelter is often associated with flooding, leaking, and foundation.

In order to ensure that the foundation of a building will be safe from leaks in the future, people should follow the following waterproofing steps. You can also contact professional parging contractors in Edmonton at

1 – Foundation Excavation:

The best way to start this process is by combining machine and hand digging to access the building foundation. This foundation should be power washed so that any loose substances can be removed before any further work.

2 – Repair & Parge:

This step will vary depending on the damage to the left on the foundation. Once repaired, parging two coats should be applied to the foundation, as it helps in the damp-proofing.

3 – Implement Footing Bevel For Additional Waterproofing:

Here parging it, the contractor must apply a layer of bevel between the foundation and the foundation. This allows for optimal leakage protection. In addition to help in sealing the most vulnerable part of the foundation.

4 – Set Up Weeping Tiles for Optimized Drainage:

The next contractor must install a weeping tile and connect it to the drainage. Next, the tile is covered with gravel clear, allowing for easy water drainage.

5 – Grading the right:

This is the most important line of defense in the whole process, because it may prevent further leaks from occurring.

Following these steps is waterproof is the best way to protect a building or home from water damage.