Thumb sucking is a reflex that soothes and calms during stress and makes a baby or toddler sleep. Most children give up the habit on their own as they get a little older and are more able of treating their sentiments.

Steps to help prevent thumb sucking:

Appreciate – Tell your child how proud you are when you notice they are not doing thumb sucking for some time.

Find the reason – If you notice that your child sucks his thumb in times of anxiety, talk to them, and find the reason for thumb sucking rather than criticizing the habit. You can also look for nipit to stop thumb sucking habit.

Reward – Sometimes the promise of a small toy or other reward is enough to break the habit.

Earn a Star – Consider making a chart for your child so that they can see their progress as a motivational tool.

Wrap it – Sometimes tying a sock or bandage around the arm while sleeping at night or in quiet time can help prevent the habit.

Bitter medicines – Bitter medicines are available that you put on the thumb and fingers that taste terrible to discourage the behavior.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you need professional help to break the thumb sucking habit.

Whichever method you choose, remember to use positive reinforcement to help your child. Criticizing your baby for thumb sucking, irritating or provoking it can make the problem worse and cause more anxiety for your child.