Spinning also known as indoor cycling is a new trend in aerobic training that involves sitting on a stationary bike and following a trainer's instructions.

After a few minutes of warm-up and pedaling at a moderate pace, exercise gives you a little help while your trainer asks you to pedal faster, increase the resistance of your bike or get off the saddle as if you ride a steep slope on your bike.

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A typical spinning session lasts between one hour and 75 minutes, and the exercise is gaining popularity. However, it is important to note that pedaling faster up to 150 rpm does not necessarily mean more weight loss.

Many new spinners think that the more intense the training, the more they lose weight, which is not really the case. In fact, it is more likely that you burn more calories by pedaling more slowly (perhaps at 80 rpm), but with more resistance in your bike.

This is for two reasons. The more tension in your bike, the more effort you will have to make (instead of pedaling quickly with minimal tension), and therefore you will burn more calories. Second, more tension means faster growth of muscle mass, which can help you burn calories even when you're not at the gym.

Moreover, shooting alone is not a good exercise in itself. The best exercise routines combine cardiovascular exercises (such as rotation and jogging) and weight training exercises (such as weightlifting).

In this way, you will both burn your calories and build muscle, which equates to more sustained weight loss in the long run.