Are you looking for a cheerful home plant that grows high and can fill a decent space? The rubber factory will be perfect for you. This plant is very good in any house condition and can produce years of green plant in the room if treated in the right way. The most common aspects of rubber plants are green and shiny foliage that can remain good and shiny if cleaned occasionally with soap sponge and then pure white water.

Rubber tree plant is well-known to like warm temperatures, but they will bear a fairly wide range and can handle air-conditioned space. The ideal temperature for your rubber plant is around 81 degrees during the day and about 67 degrees at night.

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Because most people visualize rubber factories as "breed forests' ' and are used for endless rain, you might be interested in water rubber plants. Please don't, along with watering the land will sabotage your plants and let it flexure with pests, diseases and maybe rot. The use of good drying containers and good land can easily help contain this temptation.

They grow very dense roots rather fast and you must be prepared to replant in larger containers. If your rubber plant becomes very high and somehow heavy, use shares to provide additional support or just cut it in spring.

Try using organic fertilizer around once every month. Keep chemical-based fertilizers. Because you are in the room spraying chemicals on plants you can have a bad effect on your health. Use only organic products to care for your rubber factory.

The rubber plant has superior resistance to pests and diseases. Watering can cause leaves to look a little yellow. Just give it less water.