Architecture is constantly undergoing improvement and development in Oslo. Basically three types of architecture are followed in Oslo. Pueblo style, the territorial style, and northern. You can get ideas on ‘roof design’ (also known as ‘tak design’ in Norway language) suitable type of architecture for your home.

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  • Pueblo style contains a flat roof with a detailed line across the top of the building. The wood is used for beams, vigas, and corbels. The corners are gently rolled with arches.

  • In the territorial style, the roof is built with bricks and they are transported on the windows. Similarly, the windows covered white wood around the top.

  • Northern style is for metal roof slope and there are sprockets around windows with white wood trim.

If you are thinking of building your own home in this beautiful city, obviously you need a senior architect to perform the task. Local help is always beneficial to accomplish any task.

Selecting the right architect in Oslo could be a daunting task. There are hundreds of architects available and when you decide to build your house you will get many options. 

Currently, however, it will largely depend on your individual needs and design you like. At the same time, experience, reputation, and the architect's capacity building are essential to determine your selection. You may also require different architects for different purposes.