If you are contemplating a boxing career, you will need to possess many attributes. You will need to be strong, agile, alert, great stamina and be able to throw great punches.

Having the right set of equipment with the necessary attributes can make the difference between a good boxer and a great boxer. You can also buy best boxing equipment from companies like https://everlastonline.eu/es/fitness/equipo-de-fitness.html.

When training, Boxing protection equipment is not required, but you must wear it anyway to get acquainted with the extra weight you have when you enter the boxing ring for a fight.

Here are some basic things you need to protect yourself when boxing:

Gloves and hand wraps

For work 12oz boxing gloves every day are perfect. You change them later when you enter competitions or participate in sparring but to start, these gloves will serve you well. 

The purchase you still save money online that online businesses generally have less overhead than conventional sports stores, allowing them to pass discounts to their customers.

Hand wraps are just as important as boxing gloves because you will need to wrap your hands before putting on gloves. 

Mouthguards and gums Shields

Essentially Mouthguards are the same as mouth guards, they just differ in design. MMA mouthguards tend to be the most popular and MMA equipment is highly respected in all aspects of the sport. 

The mouth guards are evidently worn to protect your teeth from being broken or loosened, but they also serve to prevent your jaw from being broken by immobilizing. 

The mouthguards help prevent cuts in your mouth. The best types of mouth guards to buy are those that can be softened in boiling water to facilitate self mold.