Firstly, congratulations if you’re invested in your first boat. Now comes the important part which is to include your boat with a few important items. If you haven’t got a clue as to what these items are, then let’s focus on some of them your boat should always have at all times.

  1. First Aid Kit – There are times where you or your guest may face scratches, bruises, cuts or burns. A first aid kit will help those wounds to heal quickly and avoid any serious injury.
  2. Life Jacket – A life jacket not only prevents you from drowning but also saves lives. Make sure you get the correct fit and size as many shops sell different fits and sizes.
  3. Additional Rope – An additional rope is helpful in case you or somebody’s boat requires the assistance of docking or towing. An additional rope will never go to waste.
  4. Sharp Knife – There are times where you may be forced to cut-off unwanted length of rope. A sharp knife can help to cut them off easily. Ensure that this item is kept away from a child’s reach.
  5. Flare Gun –There may come a time where you get lost and radio doesn’t work due to low or no signal. That is when a flare gun comes in handy in order for you to be located by someone. The flare gun can be used during the night or day and is easily visible.

There are many aluminium boat manufacturers you can ask for additional items to be kept onboard your boat.