There is a separate process that improves problem identification and idea generation, and a separate process that improves idea selection, development, and commercialization. While there is no surefire path to commercially successful firefighting, this process increases the likelihood that good ideas will be generated and selected, and that the investment in developing and commercializing those ideas will not be wasted.

One of the most important aspects of creativity and innovation is access to decision-makers. One of the fastest killers of creativity and innovation is a master innovation management degree to bring products to market – and when people see their ideas not being implemented, they are resilient to problem-solving and expending the energy needed to create what is needed good ideas and pass them on.

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In addition, leaders often feel that they are providing a link to decision-makers and innovators when in reality all it takes is to provide a link with a gatekeeper or other level of government that blocks or obscures ideas before the actual decision-maker has had a chance to make a decision. to see.

Some good examples are:

a) Entrepreneur with a business plan. You have to go through many levels of stewards, administrators and managers before you can present to the real decision-makers who can DO or KILL finances.

b) Screenwriters have great difficulty getting their screenplays to literary agencies, let alone large studios.

c) Most people in most organizations can see problems and easy solutions, but implementation seems to require a lot of effort.