You have to choose "Focus on impressions – use maximum CPM bid", and enter how much you want to pay for 1000 impressions of your ad on selected sites from the content network. You will not pay more for a click in this way. Of course, you can enter a maximum CPM that is different for each site.

You can find some good deals this way, and it is important to do a lot of testing, but it is important in any AdWords ad. If you are looking for AdWords services online then you can hop over to this website

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The tip is if you want to try to get better results is to use image ads. Pictures will have the same dimensions of AdSense units that AdSense publishers can be used and will be displayed on their website. This option can give some more power than regular text ads and here is why.

Figure you will take all the space normally included text ads so that your image ads will be bigger and will have less competition than regular text ads.

Besides your image ads, may, of course, include different graphics and text size and color. It could benefit advertising through AdWords service. You can find out more tips, tricks, and techniques on all AdWords and other Google services on your site.