Finding a reliable primary care doctor is the most crucial action to be proactive about your health. Today, I see far too many people simply opening their phone book and choosing doctors by looking at advertisements on the yellow pages or advertisements on TV. I believe this is not the best method to select your doctor.

Below are some steps that you must be following:

1. Ask your family members and friends whom they are seeing for primary health care. Ask them for referrals.

2. Visit your local hospital or hospital you'd prefer to go to and request the referral. Nowadays, lots of physicians have proper patient testimonials that can help you analyze in a better way

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3. Contact your health board in your state. Inquire about referring some doctors to you. Make them know that you will not accept any referrals to physicians who have complaints about them. Furthermore, any physician whom you're considering must verify the credentials of their state medical board.

Relax and write in the details of the doctors who have been recommended to you. Then, go through your list. If you're comfortable with one particular gender (male and female) remove the other.

Always conduct your research before choosing a doctor.