The best method for creating a studio that will permit you to do live recordings is to create a soundproofing space in your studio. You should know that maximum soundproofing for music studio requires building a "room within a room."

This idea can be used, however, for any type of soundproof room project because the concept that describes takes advantage of the sealed air that you have created between the new walls that music studio and old walls of the original room. If you want a soundproof space in your home or workplace, then you can click at

If space allows, you can muffle the noise it is taken further by building a separate ceiling for your room within a room, but that's not always practical. What will be practical is to frame the walls for a new floor room on the floor and then lifted into position.

Adding acoustic insulation materials

If you should maintain the original ceiling, soundproof either the mass loaded vinyl (MLV) or a mixture of MLV and closed-cell foam. When finished drawing up the walls, and dead air space was measured, soundproofing can start the new room.

It is recommended to coat pockets between new and old mat walls or similar foam vinyl nitrile closed cell, usually ¼ "thick and will be glued to the beams and walls of the inner cavity with cement.

Adding insulation and uncoupling

If your room within a room is being built in an unheated garage or basement, you may decide that the thermal insulation is a good idea. If so, I suggest you use excellent batt insulation also has excellent sound insulation properties.