In Canada, swimming is a pleasure all year, thanks to the year-round salty weather. With the latest technological advances in making pool covers, you can relax with an automatic pool cover so your pool is protected and covered. But how safe is the automatic pool cover?

Automatic complications on the roof of the pool

Some owners complain after installing a button with an automatic pool cover that the pool cover doesn't move smoothly, the two ends don't move at the same time, or the roof material is stuck.

All of this is easily fixed. You just need to know how to call your pool company. You want to fix these elements before they become a bigger problem. You can also buy pool enclosures made in Canada & retractable pool covers online

There is no enlargement. One problem is that nothing happens when you press a button. The reason could be:

• One switch is triggered

• Machines that need maintenance

• Flush the lid, which makes it heavier

• The cover is glued to the deck surface

• Water in a tube where the lid is wrapped

Reset each switch when it is turned off. Pour water on the lid by pumping or washing. The rubber mat on the top surface prevents the coating from sticking to the top surface. Contact a mechanic for routine maintenance for trouble-free machine operations.

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Uneven expansion of pond lids

The two ends of the automatic pool cover do not extend evenly, evenly or in succession, and each end is pulled with different resistors. The reason can be

• Uneven roll length

• Additional rope around one end of the roll

• The rope is not tight enough

• Brake cable is loose with straps

Repeating the roller strap with the same additional length of rope around the roller solves the rope problem. By tightening the cable coil brakes to the correct tension, the coating can roll smoothly with the same strength and force and open symmetrically and evenly with the edges.

This is the best fix for a pool cover device. The lid mechanism is not smooth. The next problem might be that the automatic pool cover won't develop and the pool won't light up smoothly. The reason could be:

• Some resistance/friction during operation

• The lid is glued to the deck

• Dirt is pushed into the work department

• The brakes are too loud

• The lid is moved to the sharp edge

Cleaning and lubricating all moving parts make scrolling easier. Cleaning waste is very important. Maintaining calm at the correct stress is very important for smooth operation.


From manual curve models to fully electronic key management systems, automatic pool covers now have developed far and are reliable, durable, safer, and smarter.

Today, maintaining an indoor pool when not in use is as easy as playing with a child with a well-maintained and well-maintained pool cover in Canada.