Hardwood and laminate are always at odds among consumers, and while each one is very trendy nowadays, hardwood has more durability, and if you are looking for a long-term commitment, this might be the way that suits your flooring company. Hardwood does involve some maintenance, and while it is true that it may be cleaner than carpet, it is harder to keep it clean and not be aesthetically damaged. You can find floor shops online. 

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Everything you drop will knock on wood, and while it can be fixed, you need to consider how many things will be dropped on your home. If you have a family full of small children, flying toys, spilled juice cups, and noise in general each present arguments that are worthy of both opposing and supporting hard surfaces.

While liquid spills will be easier to clean on hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, hard wood, vinyl, or laminates, collisions and spills such as beams and small toy cars tend to not only damage very hard wood and vinyl, but these floor surfaces also promote object scattering. A smooth surface allows the ball to roll, and the car runs under furniture, around corners, and even under cupboard doors. This might seem like a silly worry until it's time to collect, sort, and get rid of all the scattered toys, and while carpeting may be conducive to containing things like marbles, cars, blocks, and puzzle pieces, it can also be difficult to clean due to spills. Large liquids tend to seep into the cushion and create optimal conditions for mold. Carpet is also a sanitation problem if your home has pets and health problems for those who are allergic.