Where do you start when looking for a compensation lawyer? First, you must find a lawyer or a particular law firm that specializes in compensation in your area. A lawyer who has experience dealing with workers' compensation can make the whole process easier and less stressful.

Often the phone book route is quite a time consuming, but you still need a lawyer for your case. Get references to good lawyers from friends and family members, especially those who work in the law or who have dealt with your own type of situation, will be happy to submit their chosen lawyer.

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Personal references, especially for something as complicated as compensation, are the best references you can get. Once you find a compensation lawyer that suits your needs, then the interview process begins where you can submit a quick list of questions to a potential lawyer to make sure he's the right lawyer for your case.

These questions will help you learn about lawyers and how they work, and will also help you begin to understand what needs to be done to make claims heard. Ask questions about education: are lawyers studying in your area, or elsewhere?

What experiences or previous jobs has he done in the past? Has he ever handled cases like this before, or are you the first? What are the results of some of the cases – how many has he won? You want an attorney who is experienced and experienced in all aspects of compensation, especially those who have worked in your area and know the location of legal land.