Tel Aviv in Israel conjures up images of the medieval inn and beautiful colony. However, a trip to the city in the world today will reveal quite a different picture. Enjoying a reputation as the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv decorated with a perfect blend of ancient culture and modern ideas. If you are looking for Israel private trips then you make an online search.

Decorated with luxurious night club and the grand buildings, the city is also home to some of the most respected museums and historic buildings, which remains a witness to the rich history of the city. Add to that some of the most stunning scenery and beaches imaginable, and you have a perfect tourist paradise this! 

A historian fun, tour the quaint area of Old Jaffa is a definite must included in your tour schedule to Tel Aviv. The perfect place for a walk when bargain shopping, one of the main attractions of Old Jaffa is an ancient lighthouse, which stands even today, look at the proud sea.

This part of town is mainly an ancient port which today is characterized mainly by the highly popular flea market. If shopping makes you hungry, Old Jaffa also offer the services of some of the most exotic choice of cuisine imaginable. Checking breakfast amazing places that dot this beautiful part of the city.

If you liked the mix of history and modernism, a visit to Neve Tzedek is the thing for you. One of the most beautiful places in the city, Neve Tzedek is laid back and surrounded by some of the most stunning examples of architecture of flux that characterizes the whole of the city of Tel Aviv.