Plumbing leaks can cause some severe damages to home being a common issue. Homeowners should know the signs of a leak and the way to check them with the assistance of the professionals from plumbing and heating Edmonton services for the prevention of the damages along with the costly repair bills that arise from the leaks.

Today, we will be explaining eight of the easy and standard methods to help identify the plumbing leaks in your residence!

1. Listen For Dripping Water

Listen out for the dripping water by placing your ear near the toilet, sink, as well as the bathtub faucet. You may hear a sound as water travels through the pipes if there is a leak. Listen out for the sound that enables the leak detection even if there are no clues visually. For instance, you may even hear the sound of a continuous water drip indicating that there is a leak in the plumbing system.

2. Look For a Decrease in Water Pressure

Decreased water pressure poses a serious concern whereas a potential plumbing leak has to be addressed. A professional plumber should be contacted immediately to determine the root cause of the loss of water pressure. The significant decrease in the water pressure will not always be representing a leakage as it is quite important to get hold of a thorough inspection.

3. Check for Signs of Moisture

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for signs of moisture for avoiding the costly plumbing damages. A single sing may lead to a black mold that accumulates on the ceiling and walls. Moisture is the effective outcome from the buildup of water whereas water buildup can even occur due to the leakage in pipe.

4. Do You See Puddles of Water

The other obvious sign of a leak is the water accumulation on your kitchen or bathroom floor for no such reason.

5. Is There Rust or Corrosion at Base of The Sink or Toilet?

There is always moisture when there is corrosion and rust. Moisture is known to evolve when water is present. Excess water may be due to the leakage in the plumbing pipes.

6. Food Coloring a Toilet Bowl Trick

Opening up the toilet tank lid and the addition of a few drops of food coloring is a simple toilet bowl trick for detecting a plumbing leak. You need not make use of the flush or toilet for an hour or two. Also make sure of checking the water in the toilet bowl. You will have a leak and a professional assistance will be required if the food coloring has seeped into the toilet bowl.

7. Leak Detection in Gas Pipes

A gas leak that is present can pose a serious issue that would result into fire and explosions whether your home plumbing pipes are transporting propane, refrigerant or natural gas. An environmental hazard is posed through refrigerant leaks.

8. Hire a Professional To Check For Plumbing Leaks

Leaks can result to a costly repair. There are homeowners out there who should know the signs of a leak and the things that they should be looking for. There are plumbing leaks causing significant damages to your home and it would be quite costly.