People consider commercial window tinting for a variety of reasons. Reduce heat from the sun to protect furniture and art, tinting can offer a solution to many problems. Before contacting a professional, ask yourself why you want your windows tinted.

One of the most common reasons people prefer commercial tinting is to reduce solar heat coming to their office through the windows. A low emissivity or silvery film can help reduce up to 80% of the sun's heat. This type of film is the most energy efficient and can help reduce both cooling and heating bills throughout the year, regardless of the season.

Another problem many people face is fading from the artwork, furniture and even carpets. Commercial window tinting can help reduce fading and prolong life for each item. Sunlight contains not only hot, but UV rays. Window tinting can reduce Ultra-violet rays up to 99% which saves money in the long run because you will not have to replace items fade.

Office window tinting is also a good way to reduce glare in the workplace, especially as the sun moves across the sky. Choosing the right film can produce 93% reduction in this troublesome glare that not only makes for a more pleasant working environment, but also improve the health of good vision for your employees.

Privacy and security is a good motivator to make this type of investment. With regards to security, window tinting can protect windows from damage and scratches. The film is made from shatter glass and pose health and safety hazards caused by broken glass. It also reduces the amount of visibility into your office from the prying eyes of outsiders.