A well-decorated coffee table can unify the aesthetic of the room. Do you want to know how to style a coffee table design? If you wish to add some color to your area, tidy it, or show off unique touches, furniture adds flair and practicality. While there are a plethora of alternatives available, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite coffee table décor ideas to help you take your room to the next level!

  1. For the genuine book aficionados!

Stacks of books are a timeless centerpiece, whether you’re displaying your novels or photo albums. Display only one text at a time for a simple look. A book with artwork images adds visual interest to your space, and the newest best-seller is a terrific discussion starter. Display some variety to draw attention around the tabletop for added drama. If you enjoy the classics, cooking, gardening, or fashion, your cocktail table design can change to reflect your preferences.

  1. For Those Who Love to Have a Good Time!

Display your collection of classic wines and barware for an elegant aesthetic at those fantastic hangouts and parties that are your thing, and in the center of your table, place a mirrored, silver, or burnished metal tray. Fill it with decanters of all shapes and styles after that. Bring some interactive components as a finishing touch—a deck of cards and a checker set are both party games and decor.

  1. For the One with a Warm Feeling!

Begin with a cocktail table in a traditional silhouette to achieve the farmhouse look. A wooden one has a natural feel to it and a clean appearance. Next, add ornamental details that create a warm and inviting atmosphere, such as a simple ceramic vase filled with fresh flowers or a lantern with small pillar candles.

  1. For the Minimalist in Style!

Choose a contemporary coffee table with clean lines and classic tones if you prefer a mid-century modern or contemporary style, then add accents. Pair a geometrical vase with a marble, teak, or walnut table. Decorate a serving tray with tea lights and elegant stones for the centerpiece, or use a glass display box with a gleaming finish.


  • When shopping for a coffee table, keep in mind that the style, shape, size, and purpose are all essential factors to consider. Do you want to put it to use as a footrest? Or, more likely, a dining table? Perhaps a site where you can play games or solve puzzles?
  • We know it’s easy to pick whatever appeals to you, but a little planning ahead of time will help you not only choose what you want but also one that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.
  • Allow 18 inches between the coffee table and the sofa border to provide enough legroom while yet allowing you to set drinks down without straining. The heights vary, but a good rule of thumb is to maintain the table height and the seat height of the sofa or chair within 4 inches of each other.
  • The recommended length is around two-thirds of the couch’s total length. For example, if your sofa is 6 feet long, you should look for a table around 4 feet long. Shop burkedecor for best coffee table design via


Simple decorations can go a long way, whether your coffee table design is wood or polished, loaded with flowers, or your favorite works of fiction.