There are probably several types of hangers in your closet, but do you have the right ones to hold each garment? Each of your clothing items needs the right accessory – one that caters to its unique construction. 

There are tons of options to choose from – contour hangers, concave hangers, or straight hangers. All these superior quality coat hangers are available in different designs and colors.

Thick wooden hangers are an all-around suitable hanger type for shirts. They'll maintain the shape of your collar and allow tops to hang naturally without slipping off or wrinkling.  For more delicate fabrics like silk, use velvet, padded, or flocked hangers so the fabric won't be ruffled or mishandled.

Wooden hangers are the optimal choice for your pants. They're sturdy, won't bend out of shape, and certain woods like cedar will fight odors and keep insects away.   Skirt hangers should always contain clips to hold them in place while minimizing wrinkles. 

These hanger types should have rubber-coated clips to avoid marking up the fabric.  Just like your shirts, your delicate skirt fabrics like chiffon or silk will need velvet or padded hanger types.

The luxury wooden hangers are tailor-made, designed to preserve the shape of your collars, offer jacket support, and carefully hold your more delicate items.