A big concern when moving is the safety of your valuables. It can sometimes be difficult to choose which packing materials and shipping containers to use because of the variety of options. 


Compared to cardboard boxes, wood crates can carry a much heavier weight, thanks to the fibrous nature of the tree bark that comprise it. This is obvious when you place a crate and a cardboard box together in a moist area. You immediately notice how wet cardboard will easily soften and tear. In addition, wooden crates can carry stacks of books without the risk of falling through the bottom.

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Wood Crates When Relocating

Can Be Used for Other Purposes

These moving boxes can be used even after the move, for example, as creative storage boxes. One way to reuse them is to paint them with colors that will fit your room to keep your books, magazines, towels, blankets and pillows.


Wood crates can maximize a small room. By placing one on top of the other, they can utilize minimum space. They can also help you save more time when searching for a certain item. You can simply look through the spaces between the wood to identify its content.


Since they are made of natural materials, wood boxes are more environmentally friendly than their cardboard or plastic counterparts. Aside from using them as racks, you can use it for other home projects.