Japan's first mini-split system air conditioner technology was introduced because it needed smaller, more efficient air conditioning. You can click to read more about this article, it will help you reduce your monthly electricity bill by hundreds of dollars. 

Split system air conditioners offer many benefits: No noise, security, no floor space, no ducts, heat loss, multiple design options, easy outside placement, government subsidies, lower utility bills. These benefits will help you decide if mini split system air conditioner installation is worth your time.

No security concerns

Split air conditioner systems are more secure than portable units, which require an insecure installation through an open window.

Noise is minimized and eliminated from the room

The compressor unit that is most loud with ductless mini-split systems is moved outside the room. This eliminates the main source of air conditioning noise. The evaporator inside the unit can be run more quietly. 

Slimline models require no floor space

Mini-split systems can have an inside unit that is very small and takes up little floor space.

No need to make large holes in walls or windows

Only a 2-inch hole on the wall at the back of the mini-split unit is the only connection to the outside. This has no security implications.

No need for ducts

There are no ducts in this unit, as opposed to central air conditioners with ducted units. Only the narrow conduit connects the outside and inside units.