Everyone feels a lot more possessive about our cars, which is why people think that we are the ones who understand the cars at best. It is for this reason that many of us feel that we can take care of the more significant issues with our car on our own. However, with the given complexity of the modern cars along with the sophisticated machinery that is operating them, it is not quite advisable to take the hoods off our cars instantly as we may end up committing more damage to the car instead of getting them fixed and end up driving at the original cost. It is therefore advisable to take professional assistance from Annandale smash repairs on areas that need the most assistance.

The following is the list of all comprehensive car repairs that you should not be attempting on your own:


An essential component of your car is the radiator, as, without it, the car will fail to run. It is for this reason that it goes without saying that you should never be tinkering with your radiator if you are not a mechanic who is certified enough. There are even DIY videos on the online websites that appear quite detailed as they do make it appear quite straightforward, but this is not the case.

The hoses that are connected to the radiator would need a minimum level of dexterity for reconnecting, and if they become loose, then you are not prepared for the tough time. There are higher chances that the engine may blow as we do not have to remind you about the costs of a new engine in most modern vehicles if you are not able to reconnect the radiator unit in a proper way. It is best to leave them to the professionals if you do not like any unwanted mishaps.


The electrical components of most vehicles these days are complex, which is why they need professional input instead of a rugged one. These are generally complex pieces of machinery constantly interactive with ones through the complex network where one wrong move will be compromising the entire system. 

The bad connections and polar issues are quite common, and when they are not done in a proper way can lead to fire outbreaks that deal with extensive damage to your vehicle. It is for this reason you need to take it to your professionals.

Engine Light

As soon as the engine light is turned on in our dashboards, we all put our thinking caps on and start to pretend to be actual mechanics. We are instantly tinkering under the hood to understand the exact cause of the issues. One, however, needs to understand that there are several reasons behind the light turning on instantly.

It is something that is quite simple as that of the loose gas caps as it can be something quite sinister as overheating that can eventually lead to a breakdown. It is for this reason that it is quite impossible for one to tell about the actual problem with the engine of the car through the check engine light alone. It is better that you leave the issue for the professionals of St Peter smash repairs to handle as you never know the extent of the damage.